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Small Home Office 2013

Famous Small Home Office:
We sometimes spend long hours in the office just to finalize our work.  When this happens we like to finalize it in a small home office.

When designing this space, keep in mind that sharing with members of our family can be a pain. So why not create a design  that works for your lifestyle? Here are a few tips...

10 Tips for a More Beautiful and Functional Home Office:

If you work from home, you owe it to yourself to set up a proper office space. It's vital you have somewhere to concentrate that's separate from your home life — and is hopefully a nice space to spend time in. A good working space is even more important if you operate your small business out of your home.
To help you out on this rather specific front, we have pulled together some useful tips from experienced home-workers and chatted with home office expert Lisa Kanarek, founder of Also keep in mind that having a home office can entitle you to certain tax breaks, so your investment can end up right back in your pocket.
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Whether you're just getting started working from your abode or are a home-working veteran, take a look through the slideshow of useful advice. Share your tips with the Mashable readership in the comments section below.

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