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If a $0.30 Stock Hits $3.00, Can You Turn $1,000 into $10,000?

Millions of people invest in the stock market as either long term investors or shorter term traders.

Since there are 1,000s of public companies, what is the best way to find high performing stocks? Both traders and investors alike are smarter than ever thanks to free tools provided by the internet to research stocks.

People are now increasingly turning to some stock newsletters to save time. While some newsletters cost $100s or $1,000s per year to join, is a free newsletter with one of the largest followings that is exclusively devoted to tracking and recommending stocks.

This newsletter specializes in penny stocks because of their high potential for two reasons:

1. It doesn’t take a lot of money to invest in penny stocks.
For the price of just one share in large companies such as Apple or Google, you could buy thousands of shares in a penny stock company.

2. Penny stocks have the potential for huge returns.
Because the price per share is so low, they can experience huge price increases – sometimes even doubling or tripling in just one day.  Price jumps like this do not often occur with larger companies, but are much more common with penny stocks.

The team’s track record is pretty amazing.  Their last pick in 2013 pick skyrocketed from a low of $0.24 to a high of $1.81 in less than 6 months. That’s an increase of over 650%.

Follow these two steps to get started immediately:

Step 1. Enter Your Email for Free Penny Stock Alerts From is one of the most successful penny stock newsletters. Some of their members have made thousands of dollars; best of all membership is currently 100% free: Click Here to Join

Step 2. Add Current Pick (SANB) to Your Watchlist
The hottest penny stock right now is Sanborn Resources, Ltd. (SANB).
The next 900 Percent Stocks stock might soar. Subscribers to can potentially make profit if they capture a gain.

To start receiving penny stock picks straight to your inbox, join the 100 percent free newsletter today by Clicking Here.

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