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Brazilian designer Roberta Rimme introduced conceptual furniture, all-in-one set which can be used by 
teenagers and youth as computer workplace, shelves for books and CDs/DVDs, built-in TV system, etc.

Archi-pod - Cross Cube 3

Archipod Futuristic Home Office Garden Design

Modern Design Lounge Surf Chair – Home Gadget ideas   

Surf Chair home gadget Modern Design Lounge Surf Chair   Home Gadget ideas

Gadgets now have penetrated into all types, as well as homes. Lots of gadgets that can house you have. Surf Lounge Chair Design example of this shape as a curved elongated tongue. With the pedestal that is to adjust your body shape. There is a place to put a computer that has become a design. You will feel comfortable when using this seat. Modern gadgets and luxury homes on the shape of this chair.


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