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A Guide to Maintain Good Posture at Work

Do you have a job which makes you tied to your desk and computer all day long? Well, you are not alone. The majority of people nowadays have jobs which require them to sit in front of their computer to work total 8 hours. People who are so lazy that all they ever wish for was a “Desk and Chair Job” later complains that their back is aching and/or their neck and shoulders are in pain.
This is because of the wrong posture that we maintain during the day in a job which requires us to work in front of our computer. This leads to various kinds of pains and diseases in the body.
But the good news is that you can now learn to maintain a posture which will lessen the risk to a great extent of any pain in your body. The guide here is in graphical form which makes it easy for you to learn and digest the information presented.
Learn, Share and Sit Right.
Guide To Sitting Straight


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