Starting a business or diving into entrepreneurship was not as safe and secure as getting a job and sticking to it. This was the case for decades, but not now.
The world has changed so much that our model of living, working, eating and everything have changed with it. Therefore, the old way of getting a job and sticking to it is not a safe path anymore
Then what is the safe path? You’ll be shocked, but it is Entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurship is related to risk, danger and bravery (and for good), but it is also the safest path also. With the downsizing of the job market and thousands, if not millions of people being jobless, now is the right time to start your business and pursue entrepreneurship.
Job’s are not that easy anymore:
The world is facing a great recession right now, not only the underdeveloped countries, but all countries are facing the crisis of jobs today.
Young generation who is getting out of college is now becoming more and more aware of this reality, and they are understanding that they cannot rely anymore on the promise of safe and secure job for their future, they have to create jobs for themselves.
You now have far better Technology:
About two or three decades ago, for only one decade for that matter, there was not much availability of technology. Which made it harder for young people to start their own businesses, because the cost was too high, in terms of both time and money.
But now you have far greater and easier access to technology, you can do your own business through your Smartphone.
Starting a business is easier now:
Back in the days, a person has to have so many “necessities” for even calling himself an entrepreneur, what to say about being a successful one.
business team with young entrepreneur
People have to arrange for an office, phone, receptionist and many more things to take a start. But now, thanks to the technology, everything is easier and smoother.
You can now run your business without any physical presence through your laptop, mobile or tablet.
Many Free Forms of Advertising:
When you start any business, you have to spread the word out. This was one of the difficult task of running a business some decades ago.
But now, because of social media and similar technologies, you can advertise and market your business without much cost and some channels are also absolutely free.
Final Words:
After all the points of making the case that why entrepreneurship is the safe way, let me tell you that I is not all easy. Because you’ll still have to face lot of challenges and you’ll still be needing hard and smart work.